Review Policy

If you wish me to review your product or service then please email me at and I will respond as quickly as possible. Given that there is such demand for my services, please be aware that your product will be put on a waiting list but hopefully the review will appear on the blog and Amazon within a few weeks of receiving the product.

Please note: Receiving your product does not guarantee a positive review. All my reviews are honest and unbiased. I do not accept products for review when there is a huge financial cost to myself. My review of a product is based purely on my own personal experience with the product. It does not guarantee the product in any way or am I responsible for any difficulties you have with the product after buying it.

Quite often I get review requests for products I would not necessarily use so therefore may decline your review request.

When requesting a review please email me with the following details:
  • The product name
  • Product link
  • Your contact details
  • Social Media links.

I am based in the UK and I am a member of Amazon Prime. 

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